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What is Indices Trading?

Stock market indices give the measure of a specific stock market. They represent the value of a group of stocks from a country and represents the overall, current and historical performance of a particular set of stocks. Investors use the calculated value of the stock index as an indicator of the present value of their component stocks. Investors can find out the expected returns over time by comparing the current and historic index levels.

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Symbol Full name Contract Size Tick size Tick value
DAXEUR / FDAX Germany 30 10 0.01 - 0.8 0.1
F40EUR / CAC France CAC40 10 0.01 - 0.8 0.1
FTSGBP / FTSE UK FTSE100 10 0.01 - 0.8 0.1
SMICHF Switzerland Blue Chip 10 0.01 - 0.8 0.1
ESXEUR EURO Stocks 50 10 0.01 - 0.8 0.1
IBXEUR IBEX 35 Index - Spain 35 Cash 10 0.01 - 0.8 0.1
DJIUSD Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 Index 10 0.01 - 0.8 0.1

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