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What is a ECN Zero Account?

An ECN Zero Free Account delivers unparalleled speed, low spreads, and the finest market prices. Trade limitlessly with an infinite number of slots and commands.

Ideal for expert trader searching for high liquidity and quality trading conditions.

Account Specifications

The ECN Zero account is the only solution for traders who seek the highest level of quality, performance, and openness from their broker.

ECN Zero Account Minimum Deposit
Swap Free Yes
Commission 0
Spreads 1.6
Minimum Deposit $100

Why should you trade with a
ECN Zero Account?

ECN zero accounts offer higher liquidity through a network which provides better trading conditions. Learn about the features below.

Tight floating spreads

Trade with the market's most competitive spreads.

Leverage fixed per instrument

Make higher profits with leverage up to 1:2000

Instant execution

Trade without wait with fast execution speed of 0.3ms

Hedging allowed

Take calculated risks. Get protection against events.

No hidden commissions

Enjoy the liberty of trading without hidden commissions.

SWAP-free option available

Trade without paying or receiving overnight swap on your trades.

Why Choose MTFXG?

MTFXG is an internationally trusted representative. Our features eases the trading experience of our clients.

24/7 Customer support

Our customer support experts are available for you 24x7.

Ease of Transactions

Experience uninterrupted quick deposits & withdrawals.

Safety of Funds

Maximum protection and data security with negative balance protection.

Super- Fast trading execution

Trade with fast execution, low spreads & handy tools.